Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Welsh Politican of the Year Special Awards

Which politicans have the X factor? .....emmmmm.....Which politicans have you heard of???

Cllr of the Year award goes to Councillor
Nic Hodges
for speaking out and having some wisdom that John Smith MP and Alun Cairns lack

George Bernard Shaw:
We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.

Coun Nic Hodges, the leader of Plaid on the Vale council, visited the DTA exhibition and complained of a “lack of detailed information.” and suggested that the academy would be an “isolated “gated village“. He also said that nearby towns would see an increase in “squaddie rowdiness and drop outs from the academy“....Coun Hodges said “to mr smith mp, I would say billions of PFI “never-never money’ does not make it a proper scheme. As far as Mr Cairns is concerned he should spend more time getting the details and information his constituents need.”

Prize head in the sand award goes to Rhodri Morgan for lack of ethics and being lackey to new labours plans to build a privatised Military Academy in Wales
John Pilger calls it "a British "School of the Americas" is to be built in Wales, where British soldiers will train killers from all corners of the American empire in the name of "global security". Tony Benn “The thought of privatising the training for the Armed forces was morally abominable” Theproject is crashing as the credit crunch hits ....A key partner has backed out ...Land Securities has spent about £20m so far and is reluctant to keep funding the project in the face of significantly increased costs over the next 18 month...but still support from R Morgan and his cronies continues.

Deluded M
P of the year goes to
John Smith Vale of Glamorgan for leaving the track with his determination to have a school to train killers for private companies like Black water in Wales

AMs of the year for burning your money

Mr Bourne, a mid and west Wales AM, paid £229 for the iPod, £306.95 for a digital camera-£436.48 for sat nav - £119.99 trouser press, - 3,573.46 for “essential work to bathroom”, a £210 shower room and sitting room ceiling repair, and £452.38 to renew a storm damaged fence, all at public expense.

Conservative Mr Cairns, South Wales West, claimed for - Dyson vacuum cleaner for his office at £249.99 - TV for his Cardiff Bay office £299.99 - iPod “for news downloads and podcast” at £160, and a £199.99 digital camera.

Monmouth Tory AM Nick Ramsay shelled out £814.98 on a TV, insurance and stand, plus £343.88 on a camera. An earlier batch of second-home expenses, released in August, showed he had spent £977.95 on a Sony LCD television and surround-sound system.

Worst Welsh MP of the year

Paul Murphy for being pusillanimous, abject, and/or suicidally, self-servingly stupid lackey to new labour bosses in London!

Worst Local Politician of the year for BAD DECISION

Bad dinasor decision, Councillor Nigel Howells, executive member for Culture, Leisure & Parks, said: “All of us realise what an asset the green spaces are to Cardiff, of which Bute Park is such a fine example and we will as always ensure that they are protected for the enjoyment of all Cardiff residents and visitors alike and at the same time promoting the building of a road through the park for ARTICULATED LORRIES!!! and allowing the council to start the work before planning permission for the bridge destroying trees, habitats the park and all in its wake.

Political Greenwash of the Year

Cllr R Ber
man for the on going destruction of Bute Park and building an incinerator in cardiff bay...couldn't make it up!
bridge and road for the nursery...? to promote events in the park...? and building a bridge to allow articulated lotrries into grade 1 listed BUTE PARK the park at a cost of £1.4 million can they justify that? Destroying Cardiff heritage further by dumping our rare books...Then to top that the Councils Scam Gwyrdd...cheek to call it project GREEN!!!! to promote the building of a massive dangerous incinerator in Cardiff and bringing in rubbish from all over south wales in hundreds of lorries every day! And using capital times to give the wrong info to the public!

Special NO Ethics Award ...shame on the OU
Does quality matter? Does working with arms dealers matter? Does teaching mercenaries matter?
The no ethics award goes to the Open University for joining the Metrix consortium ! ...even when costs were reduced by cutting the length of training courses by 25% and reducing them! Defence minister Bob Ainsworth announced that the MOD was ploughing ahead, he pointed out that "considerable progress had been made in driving down costs..This will involve cutting the length of training courses by 25% through "compression, rationalisation and harmonisation". Officially that means cutting waste but those involved in defence training say there is nothing like the scope for 25 percent cuts.
Then Charles Barrington, the chairman of Metrix, said the consortium and the Ministry of Defence had been able to cut costs. That had been achieved in part by reducing the number of courses that will be offered.
Quotes to remember 'benefits' to the MOD of transferring risk to the private sector? Derek Twigg MP, Under Secretary of State for Defence, talks to PSCA International's Matthew D'Arcy about what lies ahead in bringing a new flexible approach to learning through the Defence Training Review. “Partnership with the private sector does give us flexibility, and this is the key point here, to decrease or increase student throughput. The partner will be able to generate third party income from spare capacity and also dispose of surplus capacity. It also allows for a very important part of the role for industry to bring private sector management expertise and the ability to include significant capital investment at this stage. It is really about delivering a modern and flexible learning environment that will be fit for our service personnel of the future.”

Facilities key to defence trainingThe PPP Journal Issue 56 - Thursday, April 12, 2007

Never heard of him award
goes to Councillor John Davies, Leader of Pembrokeshire County Council and the Welsh Local Government Association.
  • You might well ask - who are the judges?
Heres one ....Name: Glyn Davies
Location: Welshpool, Montgomeryshire, United Kingdom
MP of the Year: Paul Murphy.
ex-labour boyo said...

It was the Windfall Don/Penarth Huw block vote. With their chums in the media taking care of Huw's campaign, it was an easy one for Papal Paul.
The anti-Welsh lobby win the Welsh politician of the year award. Terrific. Only in Wales.

AM of the Year: Edwina Hart.

MP to Watch: Jenny Willott.

AM to Watch: Andrew RT Davies.

Local Politician of the Year: Councillor John Davies, Leader of Pembrokeshire County Council and the Welsh Local Government Association.

Campaigner of the Year: Nerys Evans.

Dafydd Wigley, the Honorary President of Plaid Cymru, received a Lifetime Achievement award.

Elis Owen, National Director of ITV Wales, said: “We are delighted to support these awards, which are one of the ways that we celebrate the hard work politicians do for us in Wales.”

The awards will be shown on ITV Wales in a special programme on Thursday December 18 at 11.05pm, hosted by Wales Tonight’s Jonathan Hill and Sharp End’s Mai Davies.

All winners received a personalised cartoon by Mumph and a bottle of Penderyn Welsh whisky